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Equity Financial Resources provides a complete menu of business resources for value added agribusiness projects.

Equity Financial Resources has the business resources for the one-stop value added agribusiness project.

Feasibility Study Plan Includes:
Site analysis, utilities analysis, transportation analysis, feed stock analysis, market analysis, financial analysis, management analysis, legal analysis and tax analysis.

Business Plan Resources:
It is the step-by-step process from start to finish. Identify potential markets, project costs, qualify revenue, and formulate debt and equity strategy. It is the product that is being offered to market resources, financial resources and management resources. It provides a competitive edge because it focuses on profitability and being in compliance with our environment.

Permit Resources, Register Resources and Security Resources:
Focusing on being in compliance with county, state and federal agencies.

Organization & Ownership Resources:
Working with value added agribusiness attorneys.
Focusing on new generation cooperatives and limited liability companies.
Providing tax plans, legal plans and ownership plans for investors.

Building the Projects:
Working with licensed engineers in design, engineering and construction resources. The engineers and construction people have experience with value added agribusiness projects.

Market Plan Resources:
Selling the product first and working backwards to support the project with investors and financing resources.

Management Resources:
Working with people who specialize in managing value added agribusiness plants and projects.

Resourcefullness on working with associate companies:
Equity Financial Resources, Inc. is pleased to affiliate with some of the best business reources for value agribusiness projects in the United States. They have good business reputations for treating customers like they want to be treated. They are financially strong. They are well-established business resources in the Mid-West.

From our Missouri office we are positioned to provide quality business resources to get the project completed. We understand agribusiness from the farm level to the consumer. Equity Financial Resources associates have many experienced years invested in agribusiness.

Our Mission:
The mission of Equity value added agribusines resources is to get the project completed and to provide quality, extra value and integrity that will help our customers maximize profits, make better decisions and have more control over their business equity.

Other Equity Plans to Help You:

Financial Resources

  • Real Estate Plans
  • Crop and livestock plans
  • Leasing plans

Risk Management Resources

  • Marketing plans for crops, livestock, and by-products
  • Crop insurance plans

Human Resource Management

Accounting and Tax Planning

Business Planning

Financial Planning

Take Advantage Today

Equity Financial Resources, Inc. is a company that prides itself in being resourceful in helping our clients with their business plans involving value added agribusiness projects.

Profitable value added agribusiness opportunities are not available every day and when they do come, Equity Financial Resources and associate companies are ready to provide resources to get the job completed and develop a profitable business plan.

For more information please call:

Equity Financial Resources, Inc.
6317 NE Antioch Road
Suite 104
Kansas City, Missouri 64119
Fax 816-455-5343
Toll free 877-455-1945

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6317 N.E. Antioch Road, Suite 104 • Kansas City, Missouri 64119
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